Remember this ribbed set from Zara? I told you you'd see a lot of it this fall/winter and I was right – it's definitely the best buy this season! I can't get enough of the set because I always discover new ways to use it. Last time I took it for a walk it was put together in a very casual way with Adidas sneakers, so today I wanted to try out a more elegant look (but still keep it relaxed). Above is the outfit, except my turtleneck was dark brown. You can see the look on Instagram. What to you say? Thumbs up or down for mixing rough and elegant to make a casual yet elegant look?

Trousers, sweater and turtleneck from Zara, boots from Dr. Martens and earrings from H&M.

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With the winter just around the corner, what's better than some new knitted friends? This wool-blend sweater from H&M is my latest and one of my best catches! Not only does it have a beautiful shape, it's also (too) comfy – which isn't always the case when it comes to knit. This beauty also comes in four colors: mustard yellow (like mine), light blue, grey and beige, which one is your favorite? Have a nice Sunday evening!

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Isn't it strange how trends come and go? The one (and only) thing I was looking for today was the old hair accessory favorite, that I used to love when I was ten years old; the stretch comb headband. After a ten years break, my childhood favorite is back on my must-have list! The flexible headband was featured in Helmut Langs fall 2014 collection, combined with a classic ponytail. But it isn't only the husband-wife team that have opened their eyes for the effortless accessory. Barbara Bui sent her models down the catwalk. at her spring/summer 2015 show, with stretch combo headbands and loose hair – and the combination? Just to h-o-t! The old favorite is following us from fall to spring and I'm on it! Not only is the headband super casual (and cheap!), it's also super chic and elegant, combined with some statement earrings or maybe just some dark red lips? Anyways the stretch comb headband is back and it seems like it's not going away for a while, so why not give it a try?

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on my mind

One of my (unfortunately too many) favorite details this fall/winter season is the wide belt. Today I wore it around the hips combined with a simple ribbed sweater, a grey mini skirt and suede knee boots – a casual yet elegant look. For a super chic night out after work put the belt around the waist and combine it with both slim jeans and a-line skirts + a simple simple sweater or a turtleneck – don't forget the heels and you're ready to go!

Belt (above) from H&M.

From the left: leather waist belt from H&M, square buckle belt from New Look and leather waist belt from Givenchy.

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snapped outside the mall

It's one of those days (and I have a lot of them);  ALL black. Many of you will hate me for saying this, but it's always a winner. All-black outfits doesn't have to be boring. To make it look more attractive add some leather or some transparent garments. Too heavy? What about a waist belt and a silk scarf tied around the neck for a more feminine look? Or maybe all combined together for a rough yet feminine style – like I did today?

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