everyday hairdo

The ballerina bun is a hairdo we see A LOT of every season, but with different twists almost every time. Some years ago I was the typical not-a-hair-out-of-place kind of girl walking around with my classic ballerina bun placed almost on top of my head looking like I've been using the whole day making it listen to me. But as almost everything else, my taste of buns luckily changed during my teenage years. The past couple of years my taste has become more natural – softer if you like – and perfection is no longer what I crave, or not in the same way; the new perfection is imperfection. I want my ballerina bun natural, soft, low and sometimes a bit shaggy. As well as being a saviour when your hair is a mess in the morning, the ballerina bun is the perfect everyday hairdo – and of course the right choice when you in the I'm-running-late-for-dinner stress.

look of the day

Today's look is a 60s mix of some of my favourite wardrobe pieces at the moment; this short sleeved leather dress, a classic off-white 
turtleneck, my new spicy coat and a pair of glitter boots à la Saint Laurent. These pieces combined with black stockings and one of this
 seasons it-bags – the bucklet bag – makes todays look a playful yet elegant everyday ensemble.

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the news catch-up

One designer inn and another one out; the next one to leave was the Norwegian designer Peter Dundas. Dundas left Emilio Pucci after showing his Fall 2015 collection in Milan last week, but hey it has been a hell of a journey since he joined the house in 2008! In his last collection for Pucci – which maybe was one of his most fabulous collections ever? – Dundas showed us what he knows best; slinky, sexy, sophisticated and the 70 and there is no one else out there who can make these contradictions work like he can. His sign-off at Emilio Pucci showed all his strengths through 61 looks and there is hard to imagine anyone else working the 70s like he has done – if that's even the plan for the next Pucci-Man? Anyhow, the rumor has it that Peter Dundas is already heading over to a another storied Italian print house and I can't wait to see where he'll end up.
In the meantime, enjoy his last collection. 

More news you may have missed: 

CHANEL INTRODUCES a new fragrance called Misia.

LOEWE + JOHN ALLEN = true. One of Anderson's two brands, Loewe, is to launch an accessories 
collaboration with the British textile designer John Allen.  

THE NEW GUCCI is full of surprises. Last week Alessandro Michele showed his first collection for Gucci.

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monday treat

The bed is waiting after a long day, but first here is something – that I actually learned a couple of hours ago – to calm you down before bedtime; classic afghan tea. Two good friends of mine showed me this magical mix of green tea and cardamom while we were having some girltime and after drinking two cups with them I came home and enjoyed three cups more. The flavour combination is so interesting and new, so spicy but yet so calming. The crushed cardamom seeds 'melts' together with the strong green tea flavour and leaves you with an addictive taste experience. Good night and if you're already running to the kitchen – which I hope you do – enjoy your cup(s) of tea!

PS! I also learned that it's very important to drink the tea from glass cups if you want the ultimate 'tea-experience'.

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here comes the spring

March is finally here (one step closer to spring!) and I'm refilling my mind with some inspiration for warmer months – even though fall is all over Europe now a days. Last week The Gentlewoman – one of my top 5 magazines – realised a preview of their new spring/summer 2015 issue and it's really THE place to start if you're looking for some great inspiration! Close your eyes and imagine: Björk as a cover girl, simple yet feminine fashion stories, a too smashing Gisele Bündchen, a pregnant Iselin Steiro and a (as always) flawless Freja Beha Erichsen among many others. Take a look at these beautiful pages and get inspired for the new month and the new week. Here comes the spring! Have a beautiful Monday.


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